The first mini show of SUSPENSEGIRL-IN MY ROOM was held successfully in Beijing from June 18-July 10,2022.


In My Room” from deep heart, the artist is trying to display the extreme opposition of "the gap between reality and illusion" or "excitement and silence" within one painting, the so-called "yin and yang".


The concept of imagination and illusory,with rich color conflicts,to stir the audiences' heartstring and stimulate imagination,And open the door to the realistic external world and the illusory internal world.


The exhibition will be displayed under three themes of"Crazy Kiriko" (Crazy Giraffe) series," mofuret-dimreensur " series and "TIME" series present the three different painting styles and three psychological expressions with three different colors.The "Room" in the theme of the solo exhibition"In My Room" is not the concept of an inherent room,but the world in Amano's mind, or a reference to a more illusory inner world.There are insaneness, abstractness, and a sense of gentle yet assertive personality.


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